Awarded OLD Mystery Beer After Catching Rare Fish

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Awarded OLD Mystery Beer After Catching Rare Fish

Choppiest Title ever… Dont know what to call this one…

This video is from one of the mild days we had recently, I went up to the delaware river to try my luck at the muskies, but also walleyes/bass… The first spot I fished was very slow, I picked one smalleye but felt it was time to try somewhere else so drove around and fished random places, generally with little success.. I came across a skateboard and figured I had to do a kickflip (5:48)… later I met up with my buddy Chris and we each caught one walleye at dusk, before I hit about an 18″ or so Brown Trout… Browns are found throughout a lot of our bigger rivers, they are wild reproducing in the upper (way way upper) stretches of the Delaware here, and there are numerous creeks that have both stocked and wild brown in them that dump into the river, so this trout could be from any number of places. Regardless, they are generally pretty rare and it is tough to go and target them, but occasionally they can be caught randomly and usually in the winter. Chris had found a mysterious old river beer which was so old that the label had faded away to nothing and it was just a silver can, not sure if it was coors or keystone but by catching a Brown Trout, I was awarded the mysterious beverage, which had aged perfectly in the majestic and powerful delaware river and was enjoyed to the last sip. This video is all over the place, hope you enjoyed!

Stuff I use-

Rod: shimano crucial 7’2 dropshot rod
Reel: Shimano Saros 2500
Line: Sufix832 10lb
Lure: Xrap 10
Waders: LL Bean
Skateboard: Walmart Special?

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