I FINALLY Caught my WHITING (North Myrtle Beach, SC)

What do you think this I FINALLY Caught my WHITING (North Myrtle Beach, SC) video?

I FINALLY Caught my WHITING (North Myrtle Beach, SC)

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April 22nd, 2017 — For my 44th outing of the year and my last day down in Myrtle Beach, SC, my friend Mike and I hit the Cherry Grove Pier. It was quite a brutal day of fishing!!! However, in the end, my friend did land a nice Weakfish at the pier. Plus, I got to land my first Southern Kingfish of the trip as well. 🙂

Read the full fishing report here: COMING SOON.

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Gear used in this video:

Rod: Penn Pursuit II 4000, 2 pieces, Medium action ( amzn.to/2pt9aJm*); and a St. Croix Avid Pearl, Medium-Light, 6’6″, 2 pieces ( amzn.to/2qBhDHZ*).
Reel: KastKing Kodiak, 4000 model ( amzn.to/2p5J5NV*); and a Shimano Alivio, 2500 model ( bit.ly/2pdq9Qf)
Line: KastKing Fluorokote, 17lbs test line ( amzn.to/2qpq8cR*); and unknown 12lbs test line that came with the Alivio.
Bait/lures: High-low rig with two #8 Mustad hooks ( amzn.to/2p5Vl0G*) and a 1 1/2 oz. bank sinker ( amzn.to/2qBjM6P*). For bait, pieces of shrimp on the high-low rig, as well as cut American Silver Perch.


Photo Camera: Sony Cyber-Shot, Exmor, 18.2 megapixels. ( amzn.to/2oEI3br*)
Filming Camera: GoPro Hero 4 Silver ( amzn.to/2oEAT6V*)
External Microphone: Movo GM100 Lavalier ( amzn.to/2oYnDwD*)

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