Surf Fishing Scrappy Jersey Bluefish

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Surf Fishing Scrappy Jersey Bluefish

The Bluefish are here… some are big, some are small… this day I was hoping to find some bigger ones but the 4-7lbers were thick. Caught them on SP minnows and Tsunami Talkin Poppers. When you find a pile of them, you can catch them one after another, on just about any lure, but on slower days, the bucktails (magictails preferably) and soft plastics will have the upper hand. Fresh Bunker as bait is also a sure way to get some blues on the end of your line.. This was my 3rd time down to the shore for bluefish, the first 2 times saw fewer but bigger fish in inlets and backbays. After I left the beach this day I went to the backbay and it was slower action but also more interesting, video of that is coming up next.. maybe tomorrow. Long boring video here but hopefully some of you enjoy!

That rod is a 9′ 1-4oz 1 piece custom pompano bay, Brian can build you whatever you want..

The popper I used:

The SP Minnow:

Best Leader Material:

These Pliers suck…. dont buy them (what I used):

Buy these instead:

Or if youre not rich:

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