Kayak Fishing Dreams: Big Striper and Black Drum!

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Kayak Fishing Dreams: Big Striper and Black Drum!

The plan was to Drum fish for 2 days… we bought 2.5 bushels of clams and started on the delaware side, Romo Elias and Myself fished the afternoon on the coral beds of slaughter beach and failed at finding the drum so spent the next day (which you see here) fishing the jersey side where the drum report was good. We launched in the late morning and started drummin but the bite was slow, so romo and myself instead tried to catch some striped bass on some bunker we had snagged, I was fortunate to catch a dogfish and a skate while romo reeled in 2 quality size striped bass, the first one measured 43″ and the 2nd wasn’t measured but also about 43″ or perhaps 44″. Elias stuck with the Drum and got one which got romo peddling out to try his luck, I stuck to the striped bass and got one which I didn’t weigh or measure… shortly after got a text from Romo saying elias was hooked up on his 2nd drum and it was a “hugeeeee” one, which led me to pull anchor and join my friends… In a matter of about 30 minutes, 4 of us each hooked and landed Black Drum, at one point my 3 friends were all hooked up at the same time.. a chilling moment of epicness. After that flurry of activity the bite died and we came to shore to bid elias farewell, grab some more clams and warmer clothes, and also to fillet Mike’s small drum. All in all I caught 2 fish this day, it was quality over quantity, and the first time I have caught both a big Bass and drum in the same day. Days like this dont happen every time, right place right time, right weather, most days you would not want to be in a kayak in the delaware bay, the weather windows are brief and rarely does it work out, but yea this was a good day.

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