Went Savage on the BONITO!!

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Went Savage on the BONITO!!

serious editors block these days, so many videos to edit but so little time. This one is from last week, something different, a great day of Bonito Fishing in the Big Jamaica out of Brielle NJ. There was no catch and release this day, as the bonito are a highly prized food fish and there is no limit or regulation on them, in order to maximize the eating experience with these fish, you must bleed them out, it is a good sushi grade fish which is delicious both raw or cooked.

The boat drifted and chummed and instantly had a school of bonito to the surface, I started filming after about 40 minutes of fishing after the bite got a little silly. This was the best Bonito fishing the Jamaica has seen since their start in 1977, I do not know much about this fishery considering I do not get out on boats often, but as far as surf fishing goes, catching a single bonito from shore is very tough anywhere here on the eastern seaboard. For 2 hours in the morning every drop down resulted in a bite from a bonito. Later in the day the chub mackerel moved in a little thicker, and by the end of the day we were getting very few bonito and mostly all bluefish and chub macks, a good mixed bag of fish.

The lure Im using is a hogy epoxy jig

My Rod is a 7′ Pompano Bay Custom ( www.pompanobayrods.com)

Reel is a shimano saros 2500 amzn.to/2g3SvcY

10lb sufix 832 Braid on that reel amzn.to/2g2IPzF

25lb yozuri fluoro (cheaper than seagaur) amzn.to/2vWx4jP

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