It’s summer and in this video we go over the types of swimbaits you need to know about to catch bass right now. There are a few different types of swimbait lures that each have their own attributes and technique applications. Full body swimbaits for topwater fishing over grass as well as for chatterbait trailers, hollow body swimbaits, and line through swimbait rigs. The one hard bait fishing lure I use this time year is a Bull Shad swimbait as well. Swimbait fishing is a great technique for summer and fall fishing to catch bass in deep water as well as shallower portions of the lake that have grass.

Gambler EZ Swimmer swimbait bit.ly/2upo4Sp

Hook for fishing swimbait as a topwater over grass bit.ly/2UCE8ev

GOAT Locked up Swimbait Head bit.ly/2NcZq1h

True Bass Hollow Body Swimbaits bit.ly/3g2gbco

Line thru swimbait bit.ly/2P9VdfC

Bull Shad Swimbaits bit.ly/2plzurL

Topwater swimbait rod 7′ 3″ H bit.ly/2ZJMLtP

Big hollow body swimbait rod 7′ 6″ MH bit.ly/30ihBa4

Hard swimbait rod 795 bit.ly/2wdfwiy

Mikeybalzz hats and shirts bit.ly/2ZrWOEZ

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