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September 13th, 2020 (Session 61) – Here is EP 1/3 of my 2020 Spokane, WA fishing trip! In this video, I explore and fish the Latah Creek, which has been a “neglected” and “unwanted” Creek for quite some time! Read more about it below:

Did you know that…?

⛺️…The Latah Creek has a pretty morbid story behind it. It is often referred to as “Hangman Creek,” which comes from a 1858 historical event, when Colonel George Wright hanged the Yakima Chief Qualchan and several other Native Americans around the Creek, without a trial. Even nowadays, Google Maps and Google Earth still use both names for different sections of the same Creek.
⛺️…History states that long before the Grand Coulee Dam and the Little Falls Dam were built, Salmonids and Steelheads use to swim up the Latah Creek for their spawning seasons. Back then, the Native American tribes around the area — in particular the Spokans and the Niimíipuu — used to harvest and consume those fish as table fare. As a matter of fact, no big species were left unscathed — even the Bridgelip Suckers (Catostomus columbianus), Largescale Suckers (Catostomus macrocheilus), and Northern Pikeminnow (Ptychocheilus oregonensis) were heavily consumed by the Native folks back then.
⛺️…After both dams mentioned above were built in Western Washington in the 1900s, the upper Spokane River and its tributaries were devoided of Salmon and Steelheads. Since those “valuable” game fish lost access to precious spawning grounds, their populations have been in decline ever since! Nowadays, the number of Salmon & Steelheads in the Columbia basin are SO LOW that many populations are threatened or endangered. To fix this problem, the local government COULD have invested and built a FISH LADDER in the Grand Coulee Dam and the Little Falls Dam; however, instead, they decided to try to save the remaining populations of Salmon & Steelhead by reducing the number of native Northern Pikeminnow in the Columbia basin. Quite ironic, huh? The Northern Pikeminnow is surely a victim of Urban Sprawl and “Favoritism” in the angling community — going as far as having a bounty placed on their heads for doing nothing wrong to begin with…

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Gear used in this video:

Rod: Daiwa Spinmatic Rod, UL, 5’6”, 2 pcs ( amzn.to/2SdzbYI*)
Reel: Shimano Sedona FI 500 model ( amzn.to/2CahqV7*)
Line: Berkley Vanish 100% Fluorocarbon, 4lbs test line ( amzn.to/2HY9sm5*)
Bait/lures: Owner Half-Moon Tanago hooks ( www.tenkarabum.com/micro-fishing-hooks.html), or Mustad size 18 hooks ( amzn.to/3kugBJP*), sometimes free-lined, and sometimes under a Dinsmore tin egg shot ( amzn.to/2D95d5G*). For bait, pieces of red wigglers.
Tools: 3×5 Photo Tank ( bit.ly/2Tb6kEt), Oakley Bottle Rocket Polarized Sunglasses ( amzn.to/2Ef6RAA*), & SuMade 100% Waterproof Socks, Solid Black, Medium Size ( amzn.to/2RLVkPr*).

Photo Camera: Sony Cyber-Shot, Exmor, 18.2 megapixels. ( amzn.to/2PpizvD*)
Filming Camera: GoPro Hero 4 Silver ( amzn.to/2C1a6gc*)
External Microphone: Movo GM100 Lavalier ( amzn.to/2C71lS0*)
Camera Stand: Smatree Selfie Stick ( amzn.to/2wxfOkQ*)

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