The WORST Named Technique in

In this fishing video we talk about one of the worst named fishing techniques for bass called stroking. It’s a technique you can use with almost any fishing lure – a swimbait, chatterbait, jig – to trigger fish in fall and winter that anglers struggle to catch. I show you my fishing rod and reel setup for stroking swimbaits and jigs as well as what type of fishing line to use and why. This is a great technique to trigger bass to react when cooler water temperatures or tough conditions prevail on the lake or when bank fishing.

Want the fishing lures in the video?

GOAT Locked Up Swimbait Jig

Hollow body swimbait

Finesse swimbait

My swimbait fishing rod 7′ 2″ MH

Finesse swimbait fishing rod 6’10”

JTK Hair Jig

Cumberland Pro Tail Spin

My hair jig rod 7’3″ M

Solid flourocarbon fishing line

Shimano SLX

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