W4F – Air Max 95 x …

Ken Tanaka of Wish4Fish is back! This time to talk about sneakers?

I am here to tell you the impact and the influence the Nike Air Max 95 had on me and the Wish4Fish Outdoors brand. I will be doing an unboxing of the Air Max 95’s as well as a little backstory on the iconic sneaker. Most importantly I will go over the relevance this sneaker had in designing my packs.

Eminem photo courtesy of 2009 VH1 Hip-Hop Honors.

Sony AX700 – amzn.to/3kkEG6w
Canon 70d – amzn.to/3b60hO2
Manfrotto – amzn.to/3lAUhyZ
RODE Mic – amzn.to/353i58N
Studio Fill Lights – amzn.to/3aZHIes
Studio Front Light – amzn.to/2X6VP9M
Joby Gorillapod 3k Pro – amzn.to/2ZDbQpN

Dyalla “Summer in NY”