Unboxing – Flymen Fly Tying Kits

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My MUST HAVE Tying Tools!!
Peak Fly Tying Vise – amzn.to/2GUwEzV

Fly Tying Scissors – amzn.to/2UPW19u

Bobbin – amzn.to/2VA0eTf

Loon UV Resin – amzn.to/2ZL8Vtk

Loon Infinity UV Light – amzn.to/2USYWOM

Loon Dubbing Spinner – amzn.to/2DGGwex

Loon Hackle Pliers – amzn.to/2GSJG0B

Dubbing Loop Tweezers – amzn.to/2WetX19

Bobbin Threader – amzn.to/2ZKVnhp

Whip Finish Tool – amzn.to/2WhvHH1

Hair Packer – amzn.to/2XUf0Sl

Prep Station – amzn.to/2J1vEvj

My MUST HAVE Fishing Gear!

Fly Rod A – amzn.to/2ULS45X

Fly Rod B – amzn.to/2GKJFKZ

Fly Reel A – amzn.to/2Y1DysV

Fly Reel B – amzn.to/2VBBQRd

Fly Line (sinking) – amzn.to/2DQRX3x

Fly Line (floating) – amzn.to/2VzoZiG

Backing – amzn.to/2vwpj2O

Nail Knot Tool – amzn.to/2DFlOf9

Forceps – amzn.to/2ULY12N

Sunglasses – amzn.to/2LeG9hw

Nymphing Weight – amzn.to/2J5YH0H

Gear Bag – amzn.to/2V8TvAv

Filming Gear:

Camera A – amzn.to/2UL5Khu

Camera B – amzn.to/2UV7zIY

Cage – amzn.to/2J6MHw6

Light A – amzn.to/2UMrIAR

Light B – amzn.to/2DDH0lw

Backdrop – amzn.to/2WhbL7g

Tripod – amzn.to/2J5L8y8