TACKLE TALK: My New 2017 REELS + Some Tackle Unboxing! (Philadelphia, PA)

What do you think this TACKLE TALK: My New 2017 REELS + Some Tackle Unboxing! (Philadelphia, PA) video?

TACKLE TALK: My New 2017 REELS + Some Tackle Unboxing! (Philadelphia, PA)

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January 16th, 2017 — After amassing a few boxes here and there, I finally decided to put all of them together and do this major unboxing. If you DON’T WANT to watch the whole thing, here is the INDEX of this video (also at 0:30 in the vid):

About: Mystery Tackle Box (1:25)
Check out Mystery Tackle Box: mtb-baits.com/epf
About: KastKing Mela II (5:10)
Check out the Mela II: amzn.to/2lwPVgY*
About: KastKing Kodiak (8:17)
Check out the Kodiak: amzn.to/2lipvNl*
About: KastKing Fluorokote (12:08)
Check out the Fluorokote: amzn.to/2kKYWyg*
About: BIG FISH I lost (13:33)
Check out the FULL vid: bit.ly/2kL5zAH
About: Livingston Lures (16:58)
Check out Livingston Lures: bit.ly/2kAixpD
About: Secret Weapon Lures (20:43)
Check out Secret Weapon Fishing: bit.ly/2lWbHuX

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Gear used in this video:

Photo Camera: Sony Cyber-Shot, Exmor, 18.2 megapixels. ( amzn.to/2eDXL0x*)
Filming Camera: GoPro Hero 4 Silver ( amzn.to/2fTlG22*)
External Microphone: Movo GM100 Lavalier ( amzn.to/2fTpX5v*)

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