Early Morning Kayak Fishing A Bridge in Florida

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Early Morning Kayak Fishing A Bridge in Florida

Pushin Water Kayak Charters: www.tckayakfishing.com/

This video is from the beginning of May, it was part 2 from the trip I took with Elias to visit Bryan of Pushin Water kayaks, we set out at the crack of dawn to hopefully hook into the elusive tarpon but we failed and instead first dealt with some nuisance catfish who were quick to find our live baits.. Threw topwater for a bit and got a quick jack before switching to a 1.5oz magictail bucktail tipped with an elias shad and getting another jack or 2. I enjoyed chasing the jacks around the bay casting at breaking fish but once I realized the tarpon were not going to happen I changed gears and targeted some gamier fish by throwing lighter jigs up underneath some nearby docks. I found the smallish snook to be pretty cooperative and my last fish of the day ended up swimming toward a piling making me step hard on the mirage drive and breaking it…. sad. All in all I enjoyed this morning a lot, getting to experience why locals hate catfish, get bored of jacks, and cant get enough snook. Its a shame we couldn’t get offshore with a bad swell but the weather is always acting up and hopefully one day will get another chance to fish the nearshore offshore regions of south florida.

Used this reel: amzn.to/2qzCBHY

Used these soft plastics for the Snook: amzn.to/2scDlnh

This was the reel used with the live bait, I have an older model which I use for sharks/drum and love… the spheros! amzn.to/2rD9MOJ

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