Flounder Fishing – SLAYING WITH BACON!!!

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Flounder Fishing - SLAYING WITH BACON!!!

We were Kayak Fishing for Flounder (fluke) in New Jersey Waters picking through some short fish and the occasional borderline keeper when I decided to whip out the magic bait.. I missed a few bites at first as it was a little different timing the hookset with the bacon but once I got that first fish it turned into a fast action bite and I got my limit of fluke in an hour! This was after fishing since the crack of dawn with no keepers to show… and only catching the occasional sub legal size fluke every so often. I am almost reluctant to post this video as I fear the Fluke population will take a hit but regardless, keep this in mind the next time you are going Fluke fishing. I was pretty sure this would work but I didn’t know it would work that well… the only fish the 3 of us caught this day over 20″ were on the bacon..

I was using a 3/4oz Pink/white Magictail Bucktail which you can only find at your local shops here in NJ and the northeast..

I bought the bacon at Wawa on Ridge Ave in Philadelphia.

My rod is a 7′ Custom made by Pompano Bay, a fintastic rod for this style of light tackle jigging. www.pompanobayrods.com

Reel: Shimano Saros 2500 amzn.to/2s55tLN

Line Im Using: 10lb sufix 832 amzn.to/2s4PAow

my camera: amzn.to/2t30EQe

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