Miraculously Saving a Lost Flounder in the Rocks!!

What do you think this Miraculously Saving a Lost Flounder in the Rocks!! video?

Miraculously Saving a Lost Flounder in the Rocks!!

What do I title this video? I dunno… Im about to go to sleep though. If you have a good title idea leave it in the comments below.

Earlier this week made a quick trip to AC with my friend Tan to roll the dice and see if anything was biting. Upon arrival we were very disappointed to see the water clarity of about 6″. I used a single hook Chicken Rig consisting of a 2oz weight and a 1/4oz magictail bucktail tipped with gulp, it didn’t take long before I got a good bite, set the hook and saw a nice Fluke come to the surface… I had no net, and if you know anything about fluke, you know how easy they shake the hook… Generally I find the best way to land the fish is to swing them up the jetty, rather than taking the time to walk down to water level and trying to grab them (which is usually pretty impossible). Anyway, the fluke popped off just as I went to swing him (her probably), and he glided into the rocks below… I threw my custom rod onto the jetty and hopped into the rocks and was able to block his escape just before he tried to take off.. I figured there was no way I was getting this fluke but luckily somehow managed to get the fish. After that, fishing was slow… some super short tog and fluke was all we got the rest of the day, but that one fish, and especially that miracle save, made it all worth it.

Rod is a 9′ custom surf rod made by www.pompanobayrods.com

Reel is a Shimano Stradic 5000 FJ amzn.to/2wqRJcV (this is an old reel which has a bad drag, only using it because my clash 4000 is in bad shape. Ill probably keep using it until I hook into a real gamefish that makes the drag slip and cause my line to break off, and Ill remember why I retired it. Albies killed this reel a week after I bought it in 2015… no joke I saw a dozen stradics die that season. even saw multiple sustains die that season and the season after. anything less than a stradic is dead before it comes out of the box. Saros, symetre, sahara, they are all trash, all sitting in a cardboard box in my basement.. in fact a recently purchased shimano speedcast of mine just died last week, during a hot ass bite where anyone with a plug in the water was hooked up on 20lb+ striper.. if you ever see me buying a shimano reel do me a favor and smack my face a little and remind me that it will break. I used to be the biggest supporter of shimano reels until every single one (except the spheros, that reel is still strong) of mine died.)

The Gulp Bait I used: amzn.to/2v2nA6b

The leader I tied the rig with: amzn.to/2v4lYHt

the sinker I used: amzn.to/2fe4Xqe

Camera I filmed with: amzn.to/2ht0Yqs

Magictail bucktails are online? now anyone can order www.tackledirect.com/magictail-bucktails.html

or find them on facebook for custom orders www.facebook.com/MagicTail-Bucktails-366916750153943/ (pick up some of them black/wine mega shads if you know whats good in life)

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