W4F – Fly Fishing Iceland “Exclusive Arctic Char” Skarðsá River

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W4F - Fly Fishing Iceland

Ken Tanaka of Wish4Fish is back on the water! This time fly fishing in the North East region of Iceland with Fish Partner to a very exclusive stream Skarðsá River (Skardsa). This land owner has never sold the rights to any guide before. We had the opportunity to fish these waters. Matter of fact, some sections were NEVER fished before!

The Skarðsá river runs through Möðrudalsöræfi, which is the largest desert in Iceland. It has several tributaries, including the Króká, Hvanná and Sauðá rivers, which are all part of the beat. The Skarðsá river runs through a moon-like landscape unlike any other place in Europe. Lava, cliffs, sand, and bright, glowing moss form amazing surroundings where one can easily forget time and place. The char of Skarðsá river is also unique due to its size. The river is full of 6 lbs char and the chances of catching an 8 lbs fish are good. The largest char caught so far was 15 lbs. The river is available for catch-and-release fly fishing only and there is a four-rod limit. Upstream nymphing is the most effective fishing method, but streamers and dry flies can also be useful. The Skarðsá river offers unique opportunities to catch big char in the vast deserts of Iceland.

Nearby at Möðrudalur, accommodation options range from camping to fully equipped luxury apartments. There is also an excellent restaurant there that prides itself in using ingredients sourced from the immediate environment. Möðrudalur is historically one of the oldest settlements in Iceland and it remains the most elevated inhabited place in the country at 469 m (1540 ft.) above sea level. From Möðrudalur, the picturesque Mount Herðubreið—the national mountain of Iceland—can be seen on the horizon.

Flies: Pheasant Tail size 14

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