Things NO ONE Tells you

In this video we go over things no one tells you about finesse fishing for bass during our trip to Lake Lanier. We review fishing lures like the Ned Rig, Finesse Jig Swimbaits, and the Neko Rig – how to fish them and what you can do to catch more fish with finesse fishing techniques. In this video we focus mainly on spinning rod tips using light fishing line in clear water.

Want the fishing rods, fishing reels, and baits in the video?

Finesse Ned Rig Jig

Power Ned

Most used bait on the Ned Rig

Super finesse stick bait for Ned Rig fishing

My finesse spinning rod setup

Daiwa Spinning Reel

Good braided fishing line

Best flourocarbon line

Finesse swimbait

My Lowrance HDS Live

My net

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